Chrome plating (Cr6+ free process)

This gives several advantages instead of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) which are environmentally dangerous and carcinogenic, so the use of hexavalent chromium have already been banned in several different industries.

Advantages of trivalent chrome at MFF are:

Significant improvement for the environment.

Improvement of the internal working environment.

Minimal risk for lack of coverage of nickel with chromium, which previously has appeared with exposed nickel / yellowish areas.

We still meet the requirements of the standard for layer thicknesses.

No visual color differences compared to the previously produced parts at MFF.

The process is best available technique (BAT) in the field.

Production equipment:

1 fully-automatic rack plating lines. Max length of components: 3000 x 1450 x 600 mm

Characteristics of the surface treatment:

Chrome plating provides corrosion protection and at the same time produces a highly reflective surface that enhances the decorative characteristics of the component. Typical coating thickness varies from 5 to 25 µ.


Chrome plating is used among others in the furniture industry and electronic industry etc.

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