Midtjydsk Fornikling & Forchromning A/S was the first galvanic surface finishing company in Denmark to gain registration of compliance with the demanding EMAS regulation. The registration entails among other factors a preparation of an annual environmental audit, which year by year show environmental improvements.

One of the objectives of making the environmental audit is to give the stakeholders of MFF an insight into the environmental conditions at MFF as well as raise the profile of the serious and continuous work on the environmental aspects of galvanic surface treatment.

The environmental audit includes all four production addresses and for each of the four locations specifications of consumption and draining/emissions are recorded.

The company has always strived to be ahead of the environmental requirements that legislation impose. To maintain this position it undertakes large and continuous investments to maintain a high degree of efficiency.

Our environmental manager is also at your disposal and can amongst other things provide information on the content of chemical substances and composition of the surface treatment coatings.

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