Electrolytic zinc plated coatings

Electrolytic zinc plated coatings; blue passivating, yellow or black chromating with or without sealerproduktion

Production equipment:

3 fully-automatic rack plating lines. Max length of components:

3000 x 1500 x 750 mm

3750 x 1250 x 250 mm

3 fully-automatic barrel plating lines.

Characteristics of the surface treatment:

Electro-zinc plated coatings with subsequent chromate/passivate are first and foremost used to improve corrosion-resistance. Choice of chromate/passivate type depends on desired appearance and durability. Typical coating thickness varies from 5 to 20µ.

The surface can be finished off with lacquer, sealer or a friction control substance. The chromate coating contains chrome-VI while passivate coatings are chrome-VI free.Application:

Electro-zinc plated coatings are applied on components used in the construction industry, agricultural sector, mechanical engineering, auto industry, furniture industry and electronic industry.

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