Satin chrome plating (Cr6+ free process)

At MFF we use trivalent chrome, this gives several advantages instead of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) which are environmentally dangerous and carcinogenic, so the use of hexavalent chromium have already been banned in several different industries.

Advantages of trivalent chrome at MFF are:

  • Significant improvement for the environment.
  • Improvement of the internal working environment.
  • Minimal risk for lack of coverage of nickel with chromium, which previously has appeared with exposed nickel / yellowish areas.
  • We still meet the requirements of the standard for layer thicknesses.
  • No visual color differences compared to the previously produced parts at MFF.
  • The process is best available technique (BAT) in the field.

Production equipment:

1 fully-automatic rack plating line. Max length of components: 3000 x 1450 x 600 mm

Characteristics of the surface treatment:

The surface has a matt appearance like aluminium or stainless steel. Typical coating thickness varies from 5 to 25 µ.

There can be visual differences between various suppliers’ satin chrome platings. Therefore, it is recommended you order a sample before initiation of production.


Satin chrome plating is used among others in the furniture industry, auto industry and electronics industry etc.

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