Zink alloy / zinc-iron

Zinc-alloy, zinc-iron with chromate, passivate and sealer

Production equipment:

1 fully-automatic rack plating line

2750 x 1150 x 550 mm

2 fully-automatic barrel plating lines.

Characteristics of the surface treatment:

Compared to an ordinary electrolytic zinc plating the zinc-iron treatment results in a significantly improved corrosion resistance – up to 5 times increase. The zinc-iron deposit can be post treated with either black or silver passivate which are chrome-VI free or a black or yellow chromate which contain chrome-VI.

The surface can be finished off with lacquer, sealer or a friction control substance.


The zinc-iron treatment is primarily developed with regard to the automobile industry, but it is also suitable for e.g. fastening material applied in the construction industry, since additional machining on holes and thread is avoided.

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